For those that want a fresh look for their space but don't want to go through the hassle & expense of a complete renovation, Drenga Designs offers Decoration Services.

What exactly do you get?!
We'll skype, facetime, or email pictures and start the conversation about  what you'd like to see your room transform to, pintrest is handy for getting inspired.
Communication is factored in to the Decoration Service rate.

Whats the Drenga Decoration Service rate?
Drenga Designs rate for re-decoration is $30 an hour. I try to use your existing items in your room with some tweeks i.e.- new paint, drawer knobs, new fabric covers on your dining room chairs, space organization, artwork coordination/acquisition, the list is somewhat endless :) As well as additions to the space, say for instance a blanket chest for a new nursery. I have a large collection of stock furniture that you can pick from, or I'll go to my local furniture troves, and customize to the color and look for your new space. Any purchased furniture is in addition to the Decoration Service rate.

When does this all happen?
When we start the convo, we will set up a work schedule for me to come in and do my thing. Usually installation and painting of things take a day or two, 

So you're in-laws are coming next week, and you just can't find the time to get the new guest room together, or switch up the living room for a fresh look & feel?
Expedited rate is $65 an hour. I'll that room of your's looking amazing in one day- guaranteed! 

Sounds too good to be true!
Let's make it official, contract can be view here!

Now lets talk details!


Decoration Services is the green way to get a fresh new look!

A reading nook to cozy up your space.

Custom tablescapes for your special party!

Outdoor party set ups available for rent for special events. More about your Perfect Picnic