Living a healthy lifestyle should include your four legged friends too!
With over two years of research, test kitchen, and wonderful results Drenga has streamlined dog food, just about anyone can do it!
In just a few, this page will introduce you to all things homemade dog food.

Benefits of making your own dog food-

You know exactly what's in the food you're feeding your pup- no fillers, no snouts, pronounceable ingredients!
Food can be made in big batches for the busy pup parent and then frozen, healthy dog food doesn't have to be a hassle.
Have a sensitive pup with allergies or digestive issues? Eliminate whats causing the problem from the source.
You'll have the happiest dog on the block!


the fast & easy dog food!

This RECIPE is for the busy dog mom or dad, it only takes about 30-40 MINUTES total including the very little prep time. the best part about homemade dog food, you know what's inside & you can actually eat it!! I USUALLY TASTE TEST MY BATCH BEFORE GIVING IT TO THE DOGS, BECAUSE IT SMELLS DELICIOUS & A CHEF HAS TO MAKE SURE THEIR FOOD IS GREAT! i swear by this recipe & my dogs love it- this is their favorite version of homemade dog food. try it at home and let me know what your dog thinks! 

What you'll need:
- TBSP of olive oil
- 3 lbs (raw) kale chopped in a food processor- this helps the dogs digestive system break down the greens easier and making the vitamins more avalaible for absorption. 
- 1 large bag of frozen cut green beans- about 16 oz
- 1 lb of ground turkey
(look for packages that DO NOT say added flavors. Sometimes stores add some weird stuff to 'enhance' the flavor of the turkey. You don't want to make your pupper sick on accident! I get mine from Wegmans or a local Amish market for a great price. If its on sale I'll stock up for 2 batches and freeze the other package)
- two 16 oz cans of organic or NON GMO chick peas

Optional dried spices to add for over all health-
1TBSP of oregano
1TSP of turmeric
1 TBSP thyme

How to make the dog food!
You'll need 1 big pot! 
In a large pot heat your TBSP of olive oil and optional spices for 20/30 seconds on med/high heat, coating the bottom of the pot. Add the ground turkey. With a large mixing spoon, mix the turkey as the bottom layer browns. Be sure to stir every minute or two as turkey cooks pretty fast. It should take no more than 10/12 minutes.
Mid way through cooking the turkey, add the
Once the turkey is done cooking turn the heat off and mix in the frozen veggie of your dog's choice and put a lid on in! The heat from the meat will cook the veggies. 
While the frozen veggies are making friends with the turkey, open the can of black beans and drain them in the sink using a small colander. Rinse with cold running water for about a minute shaking them to get all the can juice off. Let them sit for about another minute to let the water drain off.
Using the lid of the large pot as a food catch, over the sink, very carefully drain the meat and veggies of excess fat. 
Once drained of excess liquid, combine all ingredients in the large pot and stir very well. 
Dish up a plate for doggo and let them enjoy!! 
Store extra food in a large food-safe container or plastic freezer lock bag for up to 5 days.

Serving size varies on the weight & age of your pet. 
Talk with your vet to get their opinion on a serving size & nutritional supplements such as fish oil formulated for dogs. 
For point of reference, my older dog is 14 lbs 11 years old- he gets 6 TBSP twice daily. The smaller one is 9 lbs 4 years old- she gets 4 TBSP twice daily. This recipe usually lasts about 4 days in my house, feeding the dogs when I wake up and after I eat dinner.
I also top their food with about a TSP coconut oil once a day for added nutrition, helps with joints and over all health.
They get salmon jerky treats mid day after their walk as a snack (everyone enjoys a mid afternoon snack!)

This recipe is great for dogs who suffer from a yeast infection and have itchy paws and/or ears. Not sure if your dog/s suffer from a yeast infection? watch this helpful video below on how to try to target this problem and great tips on eliminating it before it gets to be an expensive vet visit...