Tiny Home Living!

I've been infatuated with tiny home living as of lately... the idea of paying $200k to essentially lease land and "own" a home in the DMV has been very daunting in my post grad life. I'm not alone when it come to student debt & credit and I know others are wondering if it's possible to own a house before you can retire. That's right no mortgage. No rent bill. Essentially just taxes (which no one can escape) and minimal utilities... HELLO SOLAR POWER! Well I think it's possible and I've found a few people across the USA that have the same opinion. 

This first video is a bit... out there. & its a little long. But! The land owner has a great idea, that one can buiid on. Can you imagine living in your own incorporated town?? #VivaLaTexas (Hay Shannon!!) Please, watch with an open mind. 

This next video is what I think the world best tiny house. But The Van Thompson's know my style, regardless of the fact we've never met. Enyjoy the next two videos and imagine what it could be like to live in a tiny house.

So what do you think? 
Could you live in a tiny house?
Maybe just for a vay-cay? Maybe indefinitely? 
Holla back!