A Forgotten World Revisited in DC

It's no secret at this point... I LOVE old stuff. The more dilapidated the better to look at!  Washington DC has a taste for renovation these days. If you live or pass through the District I'm sure you've seen the crazy 4 and 5 story pop-up condos that sit right in the middle of 100 year old historic row homes that give our city it's remarkable charm. Luckily developers have been stopped with a hold on all proposals for pop-up units. Yay building code- save our beautiful city! 

Dupont Circle area is well known for it's gorgeous  row homes, shops, fountain and park tucked just north of the Downtown district. Something new is coming down the pipeline in Dupont, well it's actually new to us, the structure it self is quite old. Dupont Underground is a new project that is reviving old DC. 

The Dupont Underground is a non-profit group that is NOT receiving any funding from the DC gov't. This group will attempt to re-open the whopping  70,000 subterranean square feet over the next few years. What do they hope to cultivate when open? Art, theater, food, culture, and a new space for the growing population of DC to get to know each other and their city a little better.

 Here's a link to a more in depth look at the Dupont Underground project.

Is your art inspired by a time forgotten? Do you use reclaimed materials/object when making art? Let us know with a link to your work!