Are You Living Consciously?

What the heck does that even mean Drenga?

Conscious living simply means thinking about how you're living as well as how disposing your waste... How often to you ride you're bike vs. drive a car? Do you compost that food waste or throw it in the garbage? (NPR says landfill food waste that emits bad greenhouse gases hit a crazy 35 MILLION tons in 2012) Small things on a daily basis that were not used to thinking about really matter in the big picture. The way I see it, I can't really save what I've already thrown out, but I can be more conscious about what I do with my waste from here on out, and YOU can too!

I started a compost bucket in my back yard this spring from a handy DIY tutorial found here and it works great! PRO TIP: Remember to water your compost like it's a part of your garden, its needs h2o to break down that food and yard waste to make more lovely DIRT! The ideal consistency is a wrung out sponge, not too wet but not too dry either!

Growing your own food is also a great way to reduce waste, if you grow it wouldn't you want to eat it?!? ... I would hope so. Meredith from Love and Carrots was featured on Conscious Living TV  dolling out some good tips on how to start seedlings! It may be a little late in the season to start some veggies like peas, but this tutorial was super helpful for other veggies and future plants.

If you know of any awesome garden DIY tutorials or interesting reads on conscious living please share them in the comments section below!