New Saw Y'all!

Tis the season to get new toys... I treated myself to a new compound mitre saw! This saw cuts trim, 2x4's 4x4's, anything thats less than 10" in width ( you could also cheat the system, flip your piece of wood over if its 20" or less for those of us cutting wood for crafty purposes)
Before I pulled the trigger (haha, saw joke) I did some research- this YouTube vid by Tool Select TV shows some good sides of the one I chose- Hitachi C10FCE2 This YouTube vid by Hitachi Tool Corner gives some helpful tips on cutting your molding perfectly the 1st time... If you're anything like me and slightly dyslectic when it comes to numbers or cuts this video is very handy.

Supervisor Glenn Coco sez always remember-
Safety goggles, no little ones around whilst cutting, and measure twice cut once :)

Let me know if this was handy and which saw you went with if your upgrading your collection!