Sale Away With Me!

This right here, this is my FAVORITE time of the year.

Why you ask?

The weather is amazing!
The Yard Saling is on point!
Brunch is very much in style. 

My kinda Sunday afternoon!

So many people ask where I find all the funky furniture I upcycle.. The truth is everywhere. My eyes are always open for pieces with a good future in their bones. It's not uncommon that a friend will text me a picture of a piece they don't want anymore... But I do love me a good yard sale and estate sale.

If your in to using the interwebs, heres a few good resources for finding sales-

This is a great data base to find estate sales, just put in your city and find whats coming up in your area! I've never been disappointed. 
This one right here is great for yard/garage sales! 
Here is another good one for yard sales! is also a good resource of old furniture looking for a new home. 
If you're lucky enough to live close to route 127 in the midwest, this weekend is the world longest yard sale aka the 127 Sale! A whopping 690 miles of junk! Heres the website with all the deets! 

Tips to keep in mind-
Bring a big ass bottle of water. You'll need it. 
Empty the trunk the night before!
Keep a friend with a pick up truck or cargo van on retainer, bribe them with cookies. So many cookies. All of the cookies.
Bring CASH! That way, you can keep to your budget and be universally attractive to every vendor selling their junk!
Have an open mind, just because that table screams 1982 doesnt mean you can't make it stylish once again. 

So go ahead! Pack up the van and bring the whole family on your next yard sail! Or don't- there will be more room for junk :D

I'm a junker at heart!