Christmas in July!

As I cast off my first (of many) handmade Christmas gifts that I'm making for x-mas 2014 I get to thinking what else I'm going to make for others! It's never too early to start making for that time of the year, after all these things take time!!! 

Casting off the first of many hand made gifts!

Too much of a good thing can be wonderful!
— Mae West

So what wonderful things can I make this year to give away?!

Pickling watermelon rind is a good way to save a little bit of summer, gifting them in the winter will bring warm thoughts on a cold day!

I'm starting to get interested in canning and pickling, a nice jar of pickled watermelon rind is a nice way to say "Hey we had a great summer together! Heres something to remind you of the good times we shared!" not gonna lie, Martha has some of the best looking recipes for canning, I've pinned some of them HERE!

Making gifts is a great way to try out new techniques! 

I have an affinity for chairs. I mean, with out chairs- where would we put our butts when were tired of standing!? And why wouldn't we want our booties resting on something fabulous?! A good friend of mine just bought a house and what better gift to give her at x-mas than a hand painted chair for her new house?! I'd love to try something along these lines using decals to block off the existing wood and play with paint and color blocking on top! See more of my love affair with chairs HERE!

Inspirational artwork! The gift that keeps on giving!

I also love drawing words! I really could look at typeface all freakin day and be happy as a pig rollin in poop! Inspirational quotes as art is really popular right now, understandably.. I mean an instant mood boost as your walking out your front door to face the world!? Yes please! Do a friend a favor and give her a framed inspirational quote that means something special to the both of you, she will think of you every time she sees it and it's an instant mood booster! Win - win! HERE is a great etsy artist that has adorable and uplifting works!

SO! What will YOU make for a loved one this year?!