Stephen Sollins is amazing. TRUST ME.

I have never fallen so virtually in love with an artist's work like I have Stephen Sollins'.


This ladies and germs is a paper quilt. Yes that is paper. And what kind of paper you ask.... RECYCLED ENVELOPES. I know, I know, my mind was also blown. 


Upon further examination in this hurr close up, you can see that yes indeed these paper quilts have origins that stem from something we throw away, junk mail! (in a perfect world we recycle them)... amazing. 

Taking his quilts and genius for seeing things for what they could be instead of the junk they currently exist as, I will have a very crafty Monday DIY sesh in the good ol Upcycle Studio on 3rd... where will these amazing pieces of art take your crafty mind?

Check out more of Sollins work here!
If your in NYC you can see his work in real life at the Pavel Zoubok Gallery at 531 West 26th Street thru March 15th.

Have some paper quilts of your own making?? Please share them here with the world wide web!
Happy crafting!