Have You Met...

Make DC Smile

You might've seen his logo around town reminding DC to smile! 

Have you met my friend Massoud? He makes DC smile :)

No but really, most Monday mornings he makes DC smile with clever bubbly signs and his team of smile makers stand at major traffic points in DC during morning rush hour encouraging people to have a better Monday!

So- if you are a regular DMV commuter and you happen to see Massoud and his his team one monday morning, don't forget you are someones reason to smile... it's highly recommended you pass the word along :)


A little more about Make DC Smile- 
Make DC Smile is a movement that builds and promotes positivity to those within the DC metropolitan community. Our aim is to promote positivity within the Washington, DC metropolitan area and beyond. We encourage others to think about and appreciate the simple things in life, spread acts of kindness and encourage people to step outside of their comfort zone while reflecting on ways they can live a fuller life by engaging in our fun and unique projects. If we can change one person’s outlook on their day or week ahead in a positive way, we have accomplished our mission.
-Massoud @ DC Smile

Massoud in front of his project for DC Foto week 2013

Go Ahead, take a chance!

Making DC Smile

Who's your reason you smile everyday?

All photos taken by Massoud Adibpour

Once a week I will feature a person or place in the DMV area in my Have You Met series! These are awesome people or places that everyone should know, cause lets face it- who doesn't want more awesome?!