DIY Indian Summer

This past Sunday Chris Davis of Davis Wood Shop had the bright idea to lug his beauifly handcrafted farm table right in to the middle of Montrose Park. Well the was timing right, Indian Summer had fooled us all. Falling leaves gave off a mid-November vibe but the sun warmed us all as if it were September 1st. Christine and Sarah provided some munchices- amazing beet hummus, raw aged cheddar and fresh bread to name a few. Massoud of Make DC Smile reminded us all that the most important thing in life is to keep happiness in perspective.  Jorge photographed the whole thing so we'd never forget the amazingly sunny afternoon. Cosmo and Scout were the doggie ambasadors, although I think Cosmo thought we was hired him as park security for the afternoon... bark bark!
We all had to time reflect on how collaboration really can change your outlook on life and work. I know I'd be lost without a little help from my friends. As I walked Cosmo tonight for what seemed like forever on the coldest night of the year, I looked back on Sunday with envy... the first thing i did when I got back inside was google flights to the Bahamas.

What makes you smile?!

A perfect setup for the perfect afternoon.

Christine setting the table, Jorge shooting the scene.

Sarah's homemade beet salad and cranberry crips.

Cosmo Curly Tounge hangin out in the fall foliage

Scout looking for new friends

Behind the scenes,,,

Sarah's tomato salad with balamic vinaigrette

Fresh multigrain with my homemade spiked cider in the background

Chris Davis, Katie Drenga (me), Christine Mitchel