drenga designs is now Working with the market house in rockville md!

Looking for AWESOME UP-CYCLED furniture to add to your special space? you can now find it regularly at THE MARKET HOUSE! they even deliver if it wont fit in the bag, on the bike, in the car, on the bus, well- you get it :)

Wednesday - Friday  NOON-5 PM
SATURDAY             11AM - 4PM

Living Social's Workshop Make It Vintage at 918 F Street

Handmade Housewares Featured on Apartment Therapy : Full Article

Excerpt: Christine gathered a group of DC creatives to be there for the shoot, and to talk a bit about their work that furnishes her house. We sat around a table made by Chris Davis of Davis Woodshop, decorated with flowers arranged by Katie Drenga of Drenga Designs. Becky Lee Eutsler of  Studio Red Yellow Red described her furniture restoration process, and we raised a toast to Torie Partridge, of Cherry Blossom Creative, whose illustration had been published that morning on the front page of the special Thanksgiving food section in the Washington Post.