DIY Fresh Face 1:1 Mask

This DIY mask is extremely restorative. Using the power of 2 major cannabinoids- THC and CBD with a slurry of other good face food!

Full recipe:

2 Tbsp of Green French Clay
1/2 Tsp CBD Oil
1/2 Tsp THC Oil
1/4 Tsp turmeric
1-2 Tbsp strawberry & blueberry puree

Sealable glass or plastic container to store any extra mask material
Wooden or plastic stirring utensil
*try to avoid any metal containers or tools, sometimes ingredients will have an adverse reaction with certain metals. Glass is best, but you do you!

In a clean container mix the clay and turmeric well. Add the canna-oils and puree and mix WELL!
Apply mask to freshly washed face and neck. Sometimes a good spritz of rose water helps the mask apply a little easier, it’s also another boost of moisturization- never met a face that doesn’t like more feel good spray as I call it :) Let mask do it’s magic until you can feel your skin tighten, that’s the clay drying and telling you to wash it off. Use warm water to rise, rubbing in small circles, if you want extra exfoliation for added brightening power! Once mask is completely removed pat skin dry using a fresh towel. Spritz more rose water or toner on before applying your fave moisturizer.

Disclaimer: Sharing my life as a Legal Cannabis Consumer since 2017 - Responsible Cannabis Lifestyle! writer, photographer, podcaster… coming soon. All recipes published content intended for fellow cannabis patients, where it’s legal.
Nothing for sale. 18+