GOOD Morning Smoothie!

This smoothie was a perfect way to start my day, and kept me going through lunch! I hope it gives you a good boost too…

Infused Good Start Smoothie

- 1 tbsp infused cannabis oil of your liking… learn how to make your own- click here!
Side Note: Yes, it really is that easy! There are other ways to decarb your herb, I’ll go over that in a future post! (stay tuned) But making a big batch of canna oil doesn’t take a ton of work with the help of the Magical Butter Machine, and no- I’m not a rep. I just love this thing! Back to the smoothie….
- 1 handful of frozen raspberries
- 1 handful of frozen blueberries
More side note: I like to buy seasonal fruit in bulk from the farmers market and freeze them in single serving bags… 2 good things about this method.. #1: fresh local fruit for cheap! support local farmers! :) #2: All the hard work is done when you wanna make your smoovie! Just pull a bag from the freezer and blend away!
- 1.5 cup of Ripple unsweetened vanilla plant based milk
- 2 juice cubes (frozen juice in ice cube trays)

I find that the blender works best if the fruit is added first. I use the NurtiBullet which is a single serving cup style but as long as the fruit is hitting the blades you’ll be fine! Add the milk and then the cannabis oil, this ensures the oil gets well blended, and not stuck to the side of the blender, which is a bummer.
If you’d like to add a protein powder for an added boost of nutrients, now’s the time folks! Rev that blender up and let it go for a solid 60 seconds on high. Letting it blend for a full minute means a nice smooth smoothie :)
Pro tip: They stay cold extra long if you put them in an insulated travel mug typically used for coffee and such…

So, why choose to medicate with DIY cannabis oil?

First off- you know exactly what you are putting in your body. If you’re anything like me (love to read labels in the grocery, enjoy going down a rabbit hole of wellness/health related TED talks, get a little nerdy about ingredients in general…) you enjoy cooking at home and making things from scratch. Yes, it is very convenient to buy pre-made canna-oil and concentrates that you can easily add to any food. I totally understand that convenience is awesome. But whole food ingredients and infused love are also awesome. I believe when you cook, you infuse your energy in to the food you’re making… put on some good old school reggae (or whatever your jam is), fire up the butter machine and enjoy the labor of love. Each batch of oil I make lasts about a month, the process in whole is very manageable and is a great way to meditate while you take control of your medication.

More perks of making your own canna-oil: You can choose the flower you infuse your oil with and tailor it to the specific ailment your looking to alleviate. This past month I was struggling with intense lower back pain and I knew my moon cycle wasn’t going to make the pain any easier to manage, so I chose Agent Orange with a low(er) THC percentage around 14% but a great terpene profile with high amounts of limonene and b-caryophyelle to take the edge off without being over medicated.

Know your body, love your body, TAKE CARE!


Benefits of Raspberries

Raspberries contain ellagic acid, a natural antioxidant phenol that fights inflammation within the intestinal tract. If you suffer with swelling, tenderness, or pain, try adding raspberries to your diet!


Benefits of Canna- Oil

While most drugs are neurotoxic, THC is considered to be neuroprotectant. Which means that it actually protects brain cells from damage.


Benefits of Blueberries

Studies have also found that in addition to reducing the risk of cognitive damage, blueberries can also improve a person's short-term memory and motor coordination.

DIY Fresh Face 1:1 Mask

This DIY mask is extremely restorative. Using the power of 2 major cannabinoids- THC and CBD with a slurry of other good face food!

Full recipe:

2 Tbsp of Green French Clay
1/2 Tsp CBD Oil
1/2 Tsp THC Oil
1/4 Tsp turmeric
1-2 Tbsp strawberry & blueberry puree

Sealable glass or plastic container to store any extra mask material
Wooden or plastic stirring utensil
*try to avoid any metal containers or tools, sometimes ingredients will have an adverse reaction with certain metals. Glass is best, but you do you!

In a clean container mix the clay and turmeric well. Add the canna-oils and puree and mix WELL!
Apply mask to freshly washed face and neck. Sometimes a good spritz of rose water helps the mask apply a little easier, it’s also another boost of moisturization- never met a face that doesn’t like more feel good spray as I call it :) Let mask do it’s magic until you can feel your skin tighten, that’s the clay drying and telling you to wash it off. Use warm water to rise, rubbing in small circles, if you want extra exfoliation for added brightening power! Once mask is completely removed pat skin dry using a fresh towel. Spritz more rose water or toner on before applying your fave moisturizer.

Disclaimer: Sharing my life as a Legal Cannabis Consumer since 2017 - Responsible Cannabis Lifestyle! writer, photographer, podcaster… coming soon. All recipes published content intended for fellow cannabis patients, where it’s legal.
Nothing for sale. 18+